Games, Fun, & Community

Crypto Gaming

Game Market

Where games and gamers meet, and gamers communicate


Fluent & fast gaming experience and transactions


Sell NFTs that you drop in games, buy NFTs to become more powerful

Game Studio

game-play focused games to enhance
Digard Ecosystem

Game Market

Where games  meet & gamers communicate
Digital Actualization
Smooth Gameplay
Value Realization

Web 3.0 Integration

- Non-Crypto Game Project Integration
- Web 2.0  to Web 3.0 Transition: Blockchain Integration of Hyper Casual Games via WEB app
- API Integration for Unity and Unreal Engine
- Blockchain Development Kit

Hybrid System

- Play and Earn
- Unified Transactions

- Smooth Gameplay
- Security and Cheat Prevention

Social Reward System

- Earn Rewards by Creating Contents
- Earn Rewards by Watching and Interacting


- Interact with friends and connections
- Send NFTs as gift
- Stay up to date with your friends' activities
- Communicate with your guild

Gamer-Oriented System

- Easy to Use Help Center
- Migrate & Adapt Traditional Gamers to Crypto Gaming
- Gamer Profile
- Game Library


Fluent & Fast Gaming Experience and Transactions
Fast & Fluent

Enhance gaming experience with subnet for gamers

Lower Gas Fees

With Digard Network, gamers will pay lower gas fees

Incentive Programs

Incentive programs for non crypto games & crypto games


You can become Digard Network validator


You can become Digard Network delegators by holding NFTs

NFT Marketplace

Buy & Sell NFTs
Become Stronger

You can strengthen your characters by using in-game NFTs

Loot Realization

Sell NFTs that you drop In the games


Send NFTs to your friends as gifts
Help them to become more powerful

Interoperable NFTs

Use your bought or looted NFTs across different games

Merge & Upgrade

Upgrade your NFT Items by merging them


Take advantage of best equipments just when you need

Game Studio

Developing Numerous Insanely Entertaining Games within Digard Ecosystem
The Very First Game of Digard